Chronic Pain – Rethought, Reduced. Revolutionised.

Evident validated the proof of concept for Paind, a flexible, human-centered digital product to support chronic pain management. 

Drawing on the founder’s experiences, we established five core pillars of functionality to tailor experiences to users’ individual needs. Paind can now enter the market confidently and create positive change at scale.

“There are a lot of challenges when it comes to health monitoring but finding the balance between health and technology is incredibly exciting, the goal is to build healthy habits and mindet, not just the technology.”

– Tom Gamblin, Director of Product Innovation

  • Initial workshop to market-ready proof of concept in 8 weeks
  • Approved through validation data
  • Data-led design strategy to support emerging technologies


A human, founder-led approach

Paind’s founder approached Evident with a deep understanding of the challenges and drawbacks of living with chronic pain. Personal experience revealed that chronic pain often accompanies mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Navigating the UK healthcare system can be difficult for chronic pain patients, who are typically referred between specialists with only a GP as their main contact. This often leaves patients feeling unsupported and unsure about managing their pain. The founder aimed to build a tool that would not only manage pain and mental health but also teach best practices for mitigating these challenges in daily life.

Our Solution

Designing with a Human-Centered Approach

From day one, our approach focused on the end goal: helping users feel supported in making positive changes using Paind. Chronic pain can feel stagnating, which doesn’t help with managing depression or anxiety. We integrated a reward system to help users feel like they are progressing, with the ability to set personal goals. Rewards encourage users to return to the app, as managing chronic pain requires ongoing effort.

Pain is unique to each individual, so the tool needed to be flexible and provide tailored responses for users’ needs. One element of flexibility was allowing users to set their own goals. For some, walking 10 steps is a significant achievement, while others may aim to run a marathon. Paind also tailors content based on how long the user has been in pain, ensuring a gradual, step-by-step approach for those newly injured.

Establishing 5 Pillars of Functionality

Identifying the core pillars of functionality to support chronic pain management


Physical activity and nutrition significantly influence chronic pain. Similar to weight loss platforms, Paind allows users to log their diet and movement to identify trends and patterns, helping them manage factors that trigger pain flare-ups and flare-downs.


Understanding how to stretch, lift, or move to overcome pain can be transformative. The Body pillar provides professional physiotherapists to guide users through exercises tailored to their specific pain, with Zoom classes, tutorials, and suitable workout sessions.


Educating users on how pain is generated and travels through the body offers reassurance and management strategies that GPs might not provide. This pillar helps users understand pain in simple, granular steps.


The Medical pillar connects users with registered healthcare professionals specializing in chronic pain management. Users can build their support team, access consultations, ask questions, and subscribe to resources, videos, and tools provided by their team.


The Social pillar fosters community, allowing users to share experiences and support each other. Users can find and message ‘pain pals’ with similar pain types, join group chats, and set challenges to boost each other’s motivation.


The PAIND app is now under medical trials

This enabled Paind to take the product to market and advance to the next development stage. Paind is now confident in the platform’s potential to create positive change for chronic pain sufferers, improving both mental and physical health outcomes at scale.

“This phase of work was imperative for us to obtain investment in PAIND, Evident allowed me a structured way of distilling my personal thoughts through their workshops and took my early-stage idea to a tangible product that has entered medical trials.”

Charles Balcombe


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