Private Equity

In an era of soaring pricing multiples and intense deal competition, it's evident that private equity must harness digital and AI or risk falling behind.

Amidst a backdrop of relentless market change and rapidly evolving business landscapes, private equity entities stand on the precipice of significant value creation opportunities.

- Tom Gamblin

In today’s dynamic market landscape, the value creation blueprint in private equity has evolved, emphasising EBIDTA and, by extension, deal exit returns. Digital tools not only amplify traditional avenues of value creation but also pave the way for new and market-defining strategies.

In the realm of private equity, embracing a holistic digital strategy throughout the deal’s lifecycle and portfolio breadth is paramount.

By strategically integrating digital product validation and AI-driven product enhancements into their modus operandi, they can not only recalibrate their investment thesis but also propel their portfolios towards unprecedented growth trajectories. Embracing a holistic digital transformation is not merely an option; it’s a pivotal step to ensure sustained commercial returns in a dynamic market ecosystem.

How Evident can help you

Rapid Innovation

In a dynamic market, AI-driven enhancement allows portfolio companies to adapt quickly, innovate based on customer insights, and outpace rivals, enhancing both revenue growth and exit valuations.

Higher Exit Multiples

Firms leveraging digital transformation and AI typically achieve elevated exit valuations, given their anticipated growth trajectory and contemporary infrastructure.

Personalised Customer Experiences

Leveraging AI to decipher customer behaviour can lead to personalised experiences, boosting loyalty and repeat purchases. This strategy elevates lifetime customer value, bolstering revenue and EBITDA for portfolio companies.