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British Classic Cars selects Evident for a bespoke eCommerce experience

  • By Tom Gamblin

    Managing Director/Head of Product

Date: November 17, 2017

Reading time: 4 min read

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We’ve been selected by British Classic Cars, a specialised manufacturer of bespoke classic car parts, to deliver an innovative eCommerce digital experience.

We’re looking forward to working alongside the talented team at BCC to define their position as industry leaders and bring a new modern platform to their customers.

In the past, BCC have invested time and finance into researching and developing the best components for classic cars, taking into account not only producing the highest level of quality but rigorously undergoing safety testing with their products to maintain safety as a key priority for their customers.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to partner with a company that prioritises it’s production quality and manufactures every part of their products in-house. We’re excited to work with the internal team at BCC to create a bespoke digital experience that supports their history of passion, knowledge and innovation, with a goal of delivering a better service to their customers.“ explained Tom Gamblin, Founder/Director.

“We’re really excited to collaborate with the team at BCC to help them deliver a unique customer experience whilst also targeting improved operational efficiency to help push their business to the next level” explained Richard Mounty,

About British Classic Cars

The BCC team have a long association with the automotive industry not only in manufacturing high quality parts but also in the establishment and development of national dealer networks for parts and technical support.

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